A Limerick of Love

My darling I love you true
For me, you’re first in the queue
I might be a liar
But what I desire
Is to spend my life with you.

I’ll sweep you away from the drear
To a paradise far from here
With you by my side
Who cares if I lied
We’ll both be together my dear.

Moonlit nights we will share
Romance will be in the air
Sunrise at seven
Or maybe eleven
Who cares so long as we’re there.

Perhaps we’ll sit ‘neath a tree
And ponder life’s mystery
I’ll look in your eyes
Stop telling you lies
And ask you to marry me.

And if danger stands in our way
You know I’ll come to the fray
But if I’m a goner
Defending your honour
At least we’ll have had a good day.

This symbol of my sincerity
I give with all temerity
And hope that you
Are in love with me too
So tonight we can get all ferrety

- David Erskine