Soon to be released

Barb Kelly's new novel "Gertrude"

Between 1916 and the late 1930s, Gertrude lived through two marriages, motherhood, WW1 and the Great Depression. She was a gutsy and dignified woman who coped with love, loss, and hard work using humour to build resilience. More educated than many women of that time, Gertrude sought wisdom and solace from books which made her question the expected roles of women. Gertrude was an extraordinary woman conscripted to live an ordinary life. This is a fictionalised story of my grandmother based on researched facts

"Gertrude is a beautifully observed and finely crafted novel based on the extraordinary life of an ordinary woman struggling to survive in early 1900s Australia. One of the best books of its genre I’ve read for a long time ‒ don’t miss it." - Peter Mason

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Ah, the good old days...
when men were men and type was set.